What is a Xbox?

Xbox is a console for gaming.You can play multiplayer games with friends or people from around the world.You can play games such as Fortnite or NBA 2k21. Personally my favourite games are NBA 2k17 and Forza Horizon 3. The Xbox Console series began when the company Flex created the console in 2001.The original console was named DirectX Box but got changed to Xbox when Microsoft referred the name Xbox to its API. Since then Microsoft and flex have been coming up with new Xbox consoles such as the Xbox one S and the Xbox One X series. I have a Xbox One S which I recently got,but the latest one is Xbox One X.I started preferring Xbox over other consoles because I really love the choice of games and the exclusive stuff that only the Xbox consoles have.I also prefer them because I can play multiplayer games with my friends.We have been doing this instead of meeting each other in person because of Covid-19.I also love the park that Xbox have made this add on called kinect which gives you a virtual reality experience. I really love how you can play a lot of games in 3D this way. Xbox competes with different consoles such as the Sony Play Station and the Nintendo switch.Xbox has the best performance out of all three but has a less game variety then Sony,but no matter what I will always prefer Xbox over any other console.65% of the adults in US love playing on the Xbox because of its visual performance of around 100 GB per second.2.5 billion people play on the Xbox and my sister and I are one of them.It also took Microsoft twenty months to create the Xbox console series because they had to make the software,the design,and the Bluetooth and Internet connections.In the first season of the launch of Xbox,Microsoft gained over 750 million dollars probably because it was such a hit and had many futuristic things people haven't seen before.Xbox live has about 64 million new users every month.I think Microsoft will make a very futuristic console with a expandable controller that can also fold.This will be great because then people can bring there controller with them and also play with a bigger controller for a better gaming experience.This will help them get more users and a gaming experience they will never forget.I would be playing Xbox every day if they did this.

By Ansh

A writer