What is technology used for?

Technology is a thing that has information on it and also has certain commands that you can give it.Technology is used to communicate to people and also used to store information.It can also be used to play games.

The first piece of technolgy was created by John Vincent Atanasoff who created an digital computer in the 1930’s. There are many types of technolgy such as Computers,Phones,Tablets,Ipads,Gaming consoles,laptops,T.V,etc. I think technolgy is a good way for people to learn things they never knew existed. I also think technology can help communicate with distant people. Did you knw technology can help you find youre way home if you are lost.The device that help is an G.P.S(Global Postioning System).Back when G.P.S wasn’t invented, people used to use compasses to find thier way home or to an location.People use technology to play video games with others. I personnaly also play video games with my friends and familly members.The video games I play are Fortnite,Call of Duty:ww2,Forza horizan 3,etc.The latest technology is AI ( Artifical intelligence) which human intelligence in technology.This intellengence is made for robots and other things act like humans or animals.It used for things that humans can’t do but robots can. I think in the future technolgy will be more advanced and will be more fun to communicate with.

This is what technolgy is used for.

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