What I think About Gaming

Gaming.Gaming is an activity that most kids want to do.In gaming kids are

learning how to use technology and are helping to learn how to use

keyboards and electronic mice.I use gaming as entertainment when I am

bored.I usually play games like fortnite, which is creative,but has action in it

as well. I also like playing a game called forza horizan 3 which is a racing and

adventure game.I like playing these games because they have an unique style

of graphics.I suggest kids should play at leats two hours of video games every

day.Children also learn about the games that the play from youtubers.Some

youtubers teach children what are the differences from reality and video

games. Video games were created in 1958 by William Higinbotham.The video

game was a tennis game.William invented video games to prove thst science

wasn’t all about war and destruction and he had relized that the idea of video

games had created a revolutionry movement.Video games are played on

different types of platforms such as home video game consoles,hand held

consoles,and computers.Since 2010 more kids have been wanting to play

video games, which means market prices have been increasing and there

have been over a hundrred billion in sales dollars from video games every

year. There raenew types of video games coming out every year such as

VR(Virtual Reality).There are also educational games such as Math

Blaster,Minecaft,and many more.Recently,the industry has expanded into

moblie gaming through phones,tablets,ipads,and many more.Usually the

gaming delvelopers target young kids who just wanna go on technology.

This is what i think of gaming.

A writer