It was a cold dark night in Spooky City. There was a kid named Bloody . He was very cold but he was still walking .Then suddenly he saw a horrible werewolf with a pumpkin head .Bloody felt so scared that he wanted to run towards his mom’s house . When he reached home he saw his mother dead.Over the years he became depressed as he had no one to support him.He was so sad that he got a knife and when a person ,werewolf or something came in he would kill it or them and take their souls . Then one day his best friend Jeff came over to help bloody kill other animals and werewolves. Earlier when he was sleeping,he had a dream that his mom was a ghost haunting him.Since Bloody was hungry he ate made himself a nice delicious sandwich with some beef he had left over from 2 nights ago.After lunch he went over to Jeff’s house.When he reached he didn’t see anybody in the house . Then he saw the lock of the house open.Then he walked in . Suddenly he saw a ghost . So he ran back to his house and locked the door . Then he got a ghost trapper. After that he went to Jeff’s house . When he reached he saw that the ghost wasn’t here. So he just went inside and tried looking for Jeff. When he entered Jeff’s room , all he saw was blood marks all over the wall . But then he saw something move on the bed. So he lifted the bed sheets off the . Then he saw a very funny looking animal. The animal looked like a dog but it wasn’t a dog. It was a werewolf !!!!!! Then the werewolf tried to kill bloody, but bloody was too smart. He ran to the basement of Jeff’s house . Then he locked the door . A couple of minutes later he heard some noises downstairs so he went there.

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