The night : The ghosts of the century part 2

He was carrying a 100 pound gun and he was still running to the kitchen.when he reached the kitchen he saw Bob tied to a rope underneath a chainsaw. Suddenly he saw a werewolf. He didn’t know what to do. Maybe shoot the werewolf and save Bob . So that’s what he did . He shot the werewolf in the head and got a knife out of his pocket and ran to Bob .He shot the saw with his gun and grabbed Bob and ran for his life . The saw exploded. They ran to the door but the door was locked. Then Bloody used his gun and shot the door.There was a hole as big as his gun. They jumped out the door and ran to the mansion that Bloody had. When they reached there they saw a ghost, the ghost looked like Bloody’s mother who died . Suddenly they heard a noise and the ghost disappeared.He wanted to catch the ghost. Bob vanished.As Bloody tried to look for Bob.He saw a werewolf and got his gun and shot him in the head. What a shot he thought to himself.After they reached in the mansion Bloody called his servant Kraken , who by the way is a murderer. He asked his servant for dinner . They ate ribs and fries . After they ate they heard 2 hard knocks on the door . Bloody told Kraken to first check from the window to see who it was. Bob asked bloody how he had a scar near his eye . Kraken started yelling that there was a pack of werewolves outside and how they needed to get the guns and start shooting them. Suddenly seven werewolves busted through the door and started chasing him. They chased him around the house until Bloody got angry and started shooting at the wolves.

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