The last movie I saw at the theaters.

August 22, 2020

The last movie that I saw at the theaters was Jumanji: The Next Level. The movie was about four kids who got trapped inside a video game in which they had to save the video game from an evil ruler who wanted to own the land of Jumanji. In order to get out of the game, they had to defeat the evil ruler named Jurgen The Brutal.

What did I like about the Movie?

I liked how the animators of the movie added very creative, realistic animations such as the ostriches were very fast and had a very realistic ostrich face, and the freaky man-eating monkeys had razor-sharp teeth and were jumping super far and high from platforms. I also liked the fact that the actors did very good stunts such as; when Dwayne Jhonson jumped over the canyon in a buggy while getting chased by the ostriches. It also seemed that the cast was just right for the movie: Dwayne Jhonson as an Explorer, Karen Gillian as Ruby Roundhouse, Jack Black as a professor, Kevin Hart as a zoologist, and many more. In the movie, I also liked the part when Kevin hart and Dwayne Jhonson fought, and then Kevin Hart got crushed by a boulder after getting punched by Dwayne. I also like the tone they were using because it made it feel more realistic.

What I didn’t like about the movie?

I didn’t like the fact that Jumanji had foul language because it is inappropriate for children. Also when Dwayne Jhonson was talking like Eddie, he sometimes forgot to talk in a New Jersey accent.

Main idea

The main idea of Jumanji is that you have to work as a team to succeed.

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