The day had finally come for which my sister and I were waiting for so long. I woke up at 4 am to go the airport for our trip to Mexico. Since I was excited, I quickly got ready. A taxi came and picked up my family and I. The driver loaded up our luggage, and we left. As soon as we arrived at the airport I unloaded my luggage and went inside. I couldn’t believe how many people were there.

My sister and I were so excited, and we ate some breakfast and had some iced tea. To pass our time, my sister and I played on the airport’s tablets and were surprised to have won 3 apples and 2 chip packets. My sister and I felt very exited and it gave us motivation to win more. The server got little angry because we kept on winning. We played until our plane was boarding.

We got to the line and the attendant scanned our tickets. We boarded the plane and went to our seats. Once everybody boarded, the plane took off the runway. My sister and I held each other very closely as it was very fast. My sister and I felt queasy at the time of takeoff. Very soon I was watching a movie because I was bored looking out the window. My sister was bugging me to play some games with her. She wanted to play chopsticks(which is a game played with your hands). I said yes because I didn’t want her feeling bad. We played for about an hour and lunch was served. It was some bread and some mac and cheese. Since my sister loves Mac and cheese she devoured it in seconds while I sat there in disgust because usually plane food tastes horrible. An hour later the plane landed, and we again felt queasy, so went to the toilet and did what we had to do.

After we got off the plane, I went to the belt to grab my luggage. It was sort of hard for me because there was a lot of luggage. We exited the airport and went to our bus that would take us to our resort.

A writer