My life in a day!

In this story,I will tell you what I do in an average day in my life.When I wake up at 8 am in the morning, I usually get up and walk to my bathroom.Once I get there I quickly Brush and Change into my clothes.Then I head downstairs where I eat my breakfast, after that I go into my basement where I setup for online school. At 8:30 am my school starts.In the first hour of online school, I usually have math. In math we are currently doing patterns and algebra.In the second hour we usually have english.In English we are writing a biography about a famous Canadian. I chose Ryan Reynolds because he has been my idol for about 1 year now.He has inspired me to believe in myself in many ways.He also taught me how to get over my fear of heights.After English , I usually have gym or health in which we do some activities to maintain our physical and mental health.Those activities may include a workout or just some stretching like yoga.At 11:30 I have a break for one hour in which I usually eat my Lunch.I usually eat a sandwich but sometimes my mom makes an Indian dish.After I eat ,I play some video games or I finish my school work.When it is 12:30 my class resumes in which I usually have french.After that I have science.At 2:30 my school ends.At around 3 pm I go outside to hangout with my friends.We play street hockey and manhunt until 6 pm.By the way manhunt is a game where the person that is the seeker has to tag someone.Once you tag someone they are on the seeking team and this continues until there is only one person remaining.So after we are done that, I head inside and get ready for my tuition. In my tuition I usually do English writing.This includes writing essay’s and blogs such as this one.After 8 ,I eat my dinner and play some video games.At around 10 I get ready to sleep,which includes setting my alarm for 8 am and taking a bath.Then I read a book.I prefer reading fiction and mysteries because they are very engaging.I also read a bedtime story to my little sister.She also prefers ficiton. I also forgot to add that I listen to music while reading. I mainly listen to hip hop/rap.After reading,I put my sister to bed.Then I head to my grandma’s room to check up on her. Atlast I walk to my very cozy bed and sleep.

That is my life in a day!


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