Moving part 2 by Ansh Nurpuri

Two hours later, my dad pulled up to a place I have never seen before. My sister asked where we were. My dad said that we have arrived at the new house and told us that it was a surprise. My sister and I were puzzled. The house that he had shown us belongs to his friend. The new house had a futuristic kitchen that my mom loved, 8 massive bedrooms, a bathroom in each room, 3 living rooms the size of my previous backyard, a backyard with a beachfront view, and a pool. I unloaded the stuff from the car since the moving truck was gonna arrive in the evening. As soon as I went inside I was surprised to see how big it was. My dad showed me my room. I went inside and started unpacking my stuff. The moving truck arrived, and the moving crew put my bed and shelves in my room. On the shelves, I put my books and my valuable hockey cards. My dad went to the store and got me a table, a desk, and a TV. I put the TV on the table and hooked up my Xbox to it. After I finished unpacking, I went outside to the pool and swam for 2 hours. My mom called me in for dinner and ordered some pizza. After we ate I asked if I could go up to my room to play some video games online with Rocky. My mom said yes, so I went up and played Fortnite with him. He had to go after an hour of playing video games. When he left the game, I went downstairs to read a book about Albert Einstein. My dad’s phone started ringing and he was talking on the phone about something related to water. I thought he was just talking about the filter for our pool. My sister and I watched a movie and then we went to sleep. The next day, we woke up at 9:40 am. There was a truck with two motorcycle shaped things in it. I thought that my dad bought a motorcycle since he used to be in a motorcycle group when he was younger, but I was wrong it was two jet skis he had bought for us. Then I figured that he was talking about the Jet skis on the previous night. We took them out for a spin. There were a lot of big waves so it was fun. At one time my sister fell off the jet ski and we had to turn around and pick her up. We went all the way to the other side of the lake and back. After I went around the neighborhood and made a new friend called Logan. Logan was a kid who loved biking. We went on a bike ride to this shop where we bought some candy and a drink. After I came home and sat down with my family. After a week or two we got used to the new place and made many friends.

This is what Moving feels like.



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