Diwali : The Festival of lights

Diwali also known as the festival of lights is celebrated to declare the win of good over evil when the god Krishna beat Narakasura. Since this day every year Hindu families celebrate this day to honour the fight. There is also another reason which is when Krishna was coming home the whole city that he came from had lighted up diva which are also known as candles.Usually people celebrate this festival by buying new clothes two days before Diwali and some new gifts for family and friends.On the day before Diwali you celebrate the miniature version of Diwali itself. On this day you decorate your house and have a big meal and treats.On Diwali you usually prepare for guests or you go to someone’s house.I usually first go to my friends house and celebrate there and after I go to the temple and pray and have fun.I do this because i want to meet my friends and also at the same time want to go to the temple and help out and have fun with others.I really love celebrating this festival because it gives me a chance to figure out what the Hindu gods did to protect us.I have a question that i have wondering for a long time and the question is how does anybody know that gods exist and yes there are bibles and scripts but is there any proof.I think scientists should work on this and actually find proof that gods have existed.In Diwali you have to pray to the gods but what if there are no gods,who are you praying to.I want everyone reading this to think about this question.

By Ansh

A writer