Blogs are an online way that people can connect with others.It is very useful because people can express themselves in a written format.It doesn't always have to be in a written format be can also be in a visual format,and a audio format.Blogs was first invented on website named in 1994 by a student named Justin Hall.From that day onward people have been blogging to share information with others.Before blogging became popular digital interactions were many many different forms such as information exchange and Byte.Then in 2012 medium was created by Evan Williams along with his 84 employees.Also blogger was created in 1999 also by Evan Williams. I personally blog because i enjoy it and it is also my duty to.I like making blogs because i can express myself the way i cant express myself verbally,it’s basically like a diary but everyone can read it.I have noticed that people sometimes write blogs because they are shy to express themselves around people.This is because they are probably shy or afraid.Blogs are very hard to write and take a lot of determination to do.Usually blogs are about 2,160 words long.This probably would take 1 day. I usually make my blogs short to not bore my readers.I think you should start blogging just like i did.