About Hockey

Hockey was created in Windsor, Nova scotia by King’s college students.

There are many types of hockey such as Ice hockey, bandy, ball hockey, rink hockey, and street hockey. In most of the countries, hockey refers to field hockey, but in Canada, USA, Russia, and most of eastern and northern Europe refer to Ice Hockey. Field hockey is played on grass. Each team in field hockey plays with 10 field players and one goalkeeper. Players commonly use sticks made out of wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass to hit a round, hard, plastic ball into another team’s net. The length of the field hockey stick is based on the person’s height. Ice hockey is played on Ice. Each team in Ice hockey has 3 forward players,2 defencemen, and one goalkeeper. In Ice hockey, the objective is to score as many points as you can in an hour. You get points by shooting a puck made out of hard black rubber into another team’s net. Professional Ice hockey players that play hockey in North America play in a league named NHL, which stands for the National hockey league. In the league, there are 31 teams(7 in Canada and 21 in the US).In Europe, there are many professional leagues such as the KHL and EHL. There also was a WHL Ice hockey league where any professional hockey team representing their country could play in and vs other teams representing their countries. The Best Hockey player in the NHL currently is Connor Mcdavid, but the legend is Wayne Gretzky who played in the NHL from 1979 and retired in 1999. He played for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angelos Kings, St.Louis Blues, and the New York Rangers. Before hockey was modified, They used to play Ice hockey with cone shaped sticks and a frozen horse dung plate as a puck.

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